Start exploring the potential of satellite imagery and AI to automatically monitor; land use changes, deforestation trends, grassland management, crop types, and more.

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Our Offer

Make use of our Machine Learning expertise to leverage the insights that satellite data can give you. Through automated analysis using artificial intelligence image recognition models, we can help you makes sense of Earth Observation data at any scale. All you need to do, is choose the service that fits you best.

raw satellite data

Get the easy access to raw satellite images through our online data download and preparation app

offer with clouds marked

Option to automatically mask clouds to save yourself time

offer with clouds and land use marked

Receive fully classified data on land coverage so you can spend more time acting on findings and less on searching for them

Custom services

Do you have a special land cover classification request? Do you need a proprietary monitoring system? Or are you missing any automated analysis tools? We would love to hear all about it! Custom accounts for you, your organization, and your partners are part of what we do, and we are always happy to build new automated analysis models that fit your specific purpose. So let us know what you need!

Not sure what AI can do for you quite yet? No problem! We are happy to consult, and that service is always on the house. No matter the size of your organization, your request, or your wallet.

Data Portal

We firmly believe that life doesn't need to be complicated. Visit our data portal for easy access to on-demand & ready-to-use satellite data. Make your request, and within 24 hours you can find the answers in your mailbox.

Anything from raw images to fully developed land use and land cover maps. Why? Because sometimes it is really nice to just get what you asked for.

Our team

Bird’sAI helps people make use of the petabytes of satellite data that are being generated every day. Through AI technology, we make it our mission to present people who want to leverage haystacks of potentially useful data, with the needles they were looking for.

  1. Rosalie - CEO



    Hi there! I am driven to connect more people to better information, because good things happen when we understand the dynamics of our environment.

  2. Daniel - DTO



    I always strive for elegant and scalable solutions. At the intersection of AI and Earth Observation many awesome things are yet to be achieved.

  3. Lloyd - CIO



    Taking on challenges and learning new skills are the only ways to get things done in data management. The world changes too quickly to stick to old tricks.

  4. Florian - Product Manager


    Product Manager

    For me, design and functionality are two sides of the same coin. I make it my business to develop intuitive applications that lower thresholds.

For whom

We are here for any information driven entity with the need for more frequent, affordable and actionable information for decision making, research, monitoring, administration, management, and advocacy related to land use & land cover (changes) all over the world.