Data from space

We share the planet with an increasing number of people. Consequently, pressure on land grows and every square kilometer needs to become more productive and more sustainably managed. For this we need accurate information on what is happening on the Earth's surface.

Bird’sAI delivers a subscription based information service providing actionable insights for compliance, impact, and risk assessments based on satellite data. Our service helps you focus your attention on high risk or high opportunity situations and developments in the landscape. With our automatic data flow and notification solution running in the background of your system, no capacity is lost to manual data analysis, and no red flags will escape your attention. This way, we boost data driven decision making and sustainable land management.

We can monitor anything visible from space, at any scale, and at any possible frequency. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities

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Start exploring the potential of satellite data and computer vision to automatically monitor: Land use changes, deforestation trends, land cover management, and much more.

Monitoring service

Monitoring service

We build dedicated satellite based monitoring systems so you can monitor anything that is visible from space. We leverage the newest developments in hardware, software, and data availability, to conduct fully automatic, large scale, and continuous monitoring of every corner of the Earth. Your monitoring system is equipped with:

  1. AI technology for fully automated, large-scale, in depth analysis
  2. A web based, queryable database with alert system
  3. A dynamic, self updating map with analysis window

Getting started

Getting started

Get your monitoring system online in 5 steps:

  1. Together we explore your monitoring challenge and pinpoint which land cover types and changes you wish to track through time
  2. We build, train, test, and tweak an AI model that automatically conducts the analysis
  3. We launch the model in our cloud and classify the satellite data for the requested areas, geometrics, and time intervals
  4. The results are periodically updated to the database and the dynamic map
  5. Your system connects with the new data sources and gets notified on relevant developments of your choosing



We work on a subscription basis. We charge a setup fee to get you up and running and then a yearly or half yearly subscription fee to keep your monitoring system in the air. The subscription cost depends on the following factors:

  1. The size of the area you wish to monitor
  2. The update frequency
  3. The types of land cover and changes you wish to monitor
  4. Whether you have any custom software requests

If you can already specify these factors to some extent, we can be quick to give you a good price estimate or offer. Just send us a message with an approximation of the details!

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Not sure what AI and satellites can do for you quite yet? No problem! We are happy to consult. That service is always on the house. No matter the size of your organization, your request, or your wallet. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Have a need?

For whom

For whom

We are here for any information driven entity with the need for more actionable, frequent, and affordable information, for strategic decision making, administration, research, and compliance, impact and risk assessments related to land use & land cover (changes) anywhere on earth.


Our approach

Our approach

As a team of data scientists, software architects, and mathematicians, Bird’sAI looks at satellite data with fresh eyes. We break with earth observation tradition by:

  1. Making clever use of computing power to solve monitoring challenges
  2. Realizing uniform and scalable solutions
  3. Automating all IT processes

As a result of our uniform approach to earth monitoring, the AI based extraction of actionable information, and the degree of automation, insights from space become available and relevant for more organizations and processes.

Our team

Our team

Bird’sAI helps organizations leveraging the petabytes of satellite data that are being generated every day. We lower thresholds and empower people to use good information for good things.

  1. Rosalie - CEO



    Hi there! I am driven to connect more people to better information, because good things happen when we understand the dynamics of our environment.

  2. Daniel - DTO



    I always strive for elegant and scalable solutions. At the intersection of AI and Earth Observation many awesome things are yet to be achieved.

  3. Minghai - CIO



    Taking on new challenges is the only way to get things done in data management & IT. The world changes too quickly to stick to old tricks.

  1. Florian - Product Manager


    Product Manager

    For me, design and functionality are two sides of the same coin. I make it my business to develop intuitive applications that lower thresholds.

  2. Laura - Machine Learning Expert



    Having computers do what computers do best, is great. Pushing the frontier of what this includes, is even better.

  3. Justin - Full Stack Programmer


    Full Stack Programmer

    I build products, converting abstract ideas into real apps.